9 months ago

Esther Raphael, a prominent figure on TikTok known as the Buba Girl, has addressed the incident involving a leaked tape video that gained widespread attention across various social media platforms.

For those who might not be informed, the well-known Nigerian TikToker recently became a topic of discussion due to the unauthorized release of a private video featuring explicit content, including her engagement in intimate activities.

Reportedly, some individuals attempted to extort her by imposing certain demands. However, when she declined to comply, the video was leaked.

Despite the controversy, it appears that the TikTok star from Calabar remains unfazed by the situation, as evidenced by her posts on Instagram Stories.

The news of this incident gained international traction after a video titled "Buba Girl Esther Raphael Leaked Video On TikTok" surfaced online. It didn't take long for numerous copies of the video to circulate widely on the internet. This particular video quickly became a major talking point online, drawing significant attention. In the pursuit of a deeper understanding, online viewers sought contextual information around the video's content, which contained explicit scenes.

A TikTok sensation who goes by the moniker 'The Buba Girl' found herself in a compromising situation after accidentally sending an explicit video to someone on her contact list.

Sources indicate that the recipient wasted no time in sharing the video with others. The Buba Girl is reportedly a favorite among many due to her beauty and skillful dancing on the app.