About Us

About Us

Kazzylen invent, design and develop groundbreaking product innovations, services and business models within an end-to-end process starting with customer insight generation in the fuzzy front end of innovation and ending with series production and market entry. All our activities are focused on value co-creation with consumers who are always at the center of our innovation thinking

Interdisciplinary teams combine skills in the domains digital x data x design. These three dimensions of hardware, software and data analytics are the building blocks of today’s products and services, surrounded by smart business models, cutting edge technologies and powerful user communities.

As one of Nigeria’s strongest research groups on Open Innovation, Kazzylen is bridging the gap between technology and business and is considered as the thought leader in co-creation, crowdsourcing and community-based innovation concept. The intellectual exchange with leading universities, polytechnics, high schools, allows our clients to benefit from the latest tech/business findings.

In return, the practical application of the theoretical suggestions serves for the validation and continuous improvement of theory.

The Kazzylen head-office is the “House of Innovation” located in Lagos, at the heart of vibrant “Satellite”, surrounded by science, art and education.

Kazzylen Innovation is a global uprise in innovation technology management software, hardware and services, with over 10 years plus experience, a wealth of best-practice expertise, and clients around the globe.

Our powerful Innovation platform provides the backbone for collaborative innovation and helps drive long-term repeatable success. It allows companies to scale and extend the reach of their innovation initiatives, in a secure and flexible way.

We support a full life-cycle approach to innovation, taking ideas from conception to market, enabling our clients to transform the input from their audience into revenue for their business.

Our client community is at the heart of everything we do. Helping innovation managers succeed is our primary goal.


Kazzylen’s Mission Statement
Once organizations have reached a certain size, there is a significant distance between those who have ideas and insights and those who have the power and resources to act upon them.

Kazzylen Innovation provides technology and processes that bring idea contributors and decision makers closer together, helping organizations to generate additional revenue, to become more efficient, and to empower people.

Core Values at Kazzylen
Since the founding of the company in 2009, we have been proud to uphold key values which drive the way we work.

We believe in building smart yet modest individuals, who share our vision and passion for innovation management. Our guiding principles can be summed up in the following five values:

1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Fairness
4. Diversity
5.Customer intimacy


As we continue to grow, we still strive to stay true to our core values and to work with each and every client on configuring a solution that will fit their exact innovation management needs and requirements. As always, we are 100% committed to all our clients and users that help us prove every day that the wisdom of the Innovation can provide amazing business results.