Portable calls out Bankulli for not releasing his song with Shatta Wale

2 months ago

Best new artist according to the African Entertainment Awards, USA, Habeeb Okikioluwa, popularly known as Portable, calls out Abisagboola John, aka Bankulli, for refusing to release a song he allegedly made with Shatta Wale in Bankulli’s studio.

The artist shared this on an Instagram livestream, where he was seen visibly perturbed by the delay and time wasted. He also asserted that the song has become some sort of welcome tune for Bankulli’s studio guests, while he had not even listened to the full song.

The artist, who has received international acclaim after attending the British Fashion Awards alongside Skepta claimed that he wrote the song himself and wonders why Bankulli has been holding on to it.

Portable also shared that in his rush to meet up with studio time, he had to abandon his H-Wagon that had developed a fault on his way to the studio.

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian dancehall artist, is known for his upbeat style, which is perfectly in sync with Portable’s style of Afro-Adura. We are yet to hear from either Bankulli or Shatta Wale on this case.